Blow up your school
(and your office too if you have job)

- A game by Tthe Ttruth -


Welcome comrade !

Are you tired of your teachers?
Maybe you're tired of your boss too?
Then you've come to the right place, friend

Rule is simple:
• Buy guns
• Blow up places you hate

Play now !

Music credit:
• Sound effects on
• Bandit Radio - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky
• DJ Blyatman - Tsar Bomba

Health: 10000HP

Health: 12000HP

Gun shop

No money, no weapon...

Name:     AK47

Damage:   500 HP

Accuracy:   80%

Amunitions:   10

Price:   $2.500

Name:     Dragunov

Damage:   700 HP

Accuracy:   90%

Amunitions:   4

Price:   $5.500

Name: Western spy's gun

Damage:   300 HP

Accuracy:   90%

Amunitions:   10

Price:   $2.000

Name:   Russian RPG

Damage:   800 HP

Accuracy:   60%

Amunitions:   3

Price:   $5.000

Name: Tomahawk missile

Damage:   2000 HP

Accuracy:   60%

Amunitions:   1

Price:   $10.000


Your budget: $50.000

You're out of amunitions !
The target is already destroyed urod !
You missed !
(But you still lose your amo)

Speed up the rocket,
kill 'em !

Oh no I changed my mind. Stop the rocket !

Nah just kidding.
Blow them up !

Withdraw the rocket.

All target destroyed, but you still lose anyway...

Play again

You've ran out of all amunitions. Game over!

Play again


If you look into here to find the solution for the game, go away. Play it the right way, have fun, don't cheat.

See you next time!
- A game by Tthe Ttruth -

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